Jacky Bastek is a Singer/Songwriter, Composer and Fingerstyle Guitarist from Eppstein, Germany.

Jacky's progressive sound stems from a wide variety of influences, forming a genre hopping, innovative style. Her method of creating rhythm through tapping and beating her guitar, seamlessly blended with her haunting, elegant vocals creates the illusion of an entire band through a singular artist. 

Although she is widely known for her fingerstyle compositions, her musical journey began at the age of six when she began to study classical violin. 


By the age of 13, Jacky found she was increasingly interested in the world of rock music, and began to teach herself guitar. Unable to join a band, she began composing original songs and accompanying them with her own vocals.

Her interest in fingerstyle guitar was first peaked in 2012, after watching Mike Dawe’s “Boogie Shred” on Youtube. Only a few short weeks later she attended her first Jon Gomm concert, listening to songs such as “Passionflower” and “Afterglow” which would forever leave an impression on her own music style. 

She would later have the opportunity to meet with Mike Dawes in person, taking lessons in fingerstyle guitar. 

In 2014 Jacky played her first live shows, inspiring her to begin posting her music online. Her entry to the “Lowden Young Guitarist Competition 2014” attracted immediate attention, gaining over 100,00 views within its first week online.

Her recent video of original song “No Exit” has gained even wider popularity, reaching 3 million views through Facebook within two weeks of being posted.

Jacky’s career is set to go nowhere but up from here. She has since toured and played in Germany, England, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. 

In fall of 2016 she released her Debut album "Idylls" that was successfully funded by a crowdfunding project through pledgemusic.com.


She currently studies Jazz/Pop Songwriting at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, Germany.  

“Inspiring and shows her versatility as a player…” – Taylor Guitars 

“…Taking over the internet… So happy to see people sharing the output of a genuinely talented individual…” – Mike Dawes

“Gorgeous vocals on top of pretty sick arrangement. Now that’s coordination!”- Guitar World



Jacky Bastek endorses Ernie Ball Strings, G7th Capos and happily plays a .strandberg* Boden OS 7 electric guitar. 

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